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Angel Message for 1/11/2016-1/18/2016


Hi lovelies!
It’s Monday and time for another message from your angels.

This message comes in at the perfect time. With Mercury retrograde – there are bouts of miscommunication, misunderstandings and plenty to think about, reflect on and analyze.

So, this is what the angels have to say at this time.
With the first card – Retreat; You’re being guided to spend some quiet time alone. Retreat by finding that place you feel is your sanctuary. Clear your thoughts and focus on your truth and priorities.
It’s important to nourish yourself. Take time to reflect on your heart’s truest feelings and desires.

Following as it should; Meditation – Quiet minds are able to hear the voice of the angels clearly.
Your angels are asking you to sit for at least five minutes with your eyes closed while taking slow deep breaths. Ask your angels a question and comfortably, naturally listen for an answer just as you would a friend or family member.

Then follows the card Power –
You are powerful and divine creations. You have the ability to hear and see angels, and the future. The angels ask that you give them any fears you may have connected with being a powerful being. Allow your radiant power to shine. This power stems from love and truth.

So there you have it, lovelies. 💜
This week’s messages came through using “Healing with the angels” Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.
Have a beautiful week.
Love and light to you always.