Daily Guidance 2/9/2016

Card meaning: Any feelings of danger or vulnerability are healing and they’re being replaced with the certain knowledge that you are safe and protected right now.

Today’s guidance comes to you through “Healing with the Fairies” by Doreen Virtue. 

Have you felt frightened or insecure lately? If so, this card is a signal that heaven is aware of your feelings and has come to your aid. You are surrounded by heavenly beings who love and protect you on an ongoing basis.

The fairies remind you that your thoughts of danger are triggering your feelings of vulnerability. In your mind, you have given power to some outside entity. You believe that this “idol” that you have created has the power to hurt you. Yet, the only power it has is that which you have attributed to it. The fairies urge you to awaken from this mistaken concept. See that you have the power to create a happy and secure dream, and make the decision to feel safe.

Affirmation: I am safe. I am secure. I am completely protected at all times. 

Love and Blessings always! 

Amber M. Royse


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