Daily Guidance 2/12/2016


Daily guidance with “Healing with the Angels’ by Doreen Virtue.

Today is a good day. Want to know why? Look at the date… 2/12/2016 – In this date is a recurring number sequence which holds a message from the angels as well as the card displayed above. So, today, you are getting TWO messages which also amplifies the energy of today.

Let’s start with the number sequence, shall we?

What is the message from your angels when you see the number sequence 222?

It means so much! You should be completely and utterly excited because this message  validates that every thought that matched that  passionate and loving feeling was your seed – the embryo of a new beginning and it’s all coming together for you now. WOO HOO!

You see, Day dreams aren’t just day dreams and when you are sitting, thinking about your deepest desires, the things you so passionately want to see in your life, or the world around you and it pulls at your heart, it calls out to you because you KNOW it is your destiny… THAT is you planting your seed, and the more you focus on it, the more you match it with that pull in your heart – the more it grows into exactly what you have wanted and yearned for, and you act on it. YOU have the power to plant your seeds, to water them with love, to nurture them with consistent focus and to watch them grow. You did great and everything is working out for all those who are involved. BE HAPPY and most importantly BE GRATEFUL to yourself and the divine angels working behind the scenes – guiding you, speaking to you through consistent thoughts and feelings. They believe in you as you should believe in yourself too.

Now, onto the daily guidance for today.

~ Friendship ~

Not only are you changing on the inside, but your life is changing on the outside as well! Among these changes are your relationships with friends. Perhaps you fear that you no longer have common interests with old friends. Or, maybe, you wonder if you’ll meet new friends with whom you’ll share close bonds.

Changes in friendship are natural, and the angels ask you to surrender your relationships to them. Know that God and the angels watch over you and your friends. They will lovingly help all of you during these transitions. This card also signifies that you are ready to receive new friendships with people  who mirror your interests and ambitions.

Change is beautiful,  because through change we often get to experience a little more of our self, others and the world.. Plant your seeds, welcome the new that you’ve focused on and allow the flow of change.

You are beautiful, loved and always appreciated.

Blessings always!

Amber M. Royse


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