Daily Guidance 2/17/2016

Daily Guidance for 2/17/2016

~Environmental Awareness~

Think for a moment – when is the last time you stood outside with your bare feet touching the grass? When is the last time you walked through a wooded area and touched the trees? When is the last time you planted something in the ground and watched it grow from a seed?

These are all things each of us can do to become aware of the connection we share with Mother Earth. This daily guidance resonates deeply with me, because I am aware of that connection and I feel her – every part of her beauty, wisdom and how she exudes love and the most magical, nurturing, healing energy. But, we must do our part to help her heal as she has and continues to help us.

Card Meaning: 

The fairy kingdom is very concerned with the health of Mother Earth. By drawing this card the fairies are recruiting you to become more involved with environmental matters.

You have the power to make a huge impact on your planet. Earth is a living, breathing being, and the fairies are calling upon you to help her. Your contributions could include recycling, picking up trash while on your nature walk, switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, getting involved in an environmental protection group, becoming a vegetarian, or educating your children about the fragility of nature.

When you spend time outdoors, mentally ask the fairies for guidance on how to make your special contribution to Mother Earth’s well being. The fairies will give you  answers in the form of thoughts or feelings, by arranging a synchronistic opportunity, or by helping you use your unique talents to help educate others about environmental concerns.

Affirmation: It feels good to nurture my planet with loving care.

Remember – What we breathe out, Mother Earth breathes in and what she breathes out, we breathe in. Her breaths are as important as every breath we take.

Love light and many blessings to you all.

-Amber M. Royse
(aka) Mother of the Earth


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