Daily Guidance 2/9/2016

Card meaning: Any feelings of danger or vulnerability are healing and they’re being replaced with the certain knowledge that you are safe and protected right now.

Today’s guidance comes to you through “Healing with the Fairies” by Doreen Virtue. 

Have you felt frightened or insecure lately? If so, this card is a signal that heaven is aware of your feelings and has come to your aid. You are surrounded by heavenly beings who love and protect you on an ongoing basis.

The fairies remind you that your thoughts of danger are triggering your feelings of vulnerability. In your mind, you have given power to some outside entity. You believe that this “idol” that you have created has the power to hurt you. Yet, the only power it has is that which you have attributed to it. The fairies urge you to awaken from this mistaken concept. See that you have the power to create a happy and secure dream, and make the decision to feel safe.

Affirmation: I am safe. I am secure. I am completely protected at all times. 

Love and Blessings always! 

Amber M. Royse

Daily guidance 2/8/2016


I’m beginning to post guidance and messages a bit differently, starting today.

All messages will be published here first, then shared to my Facebook page “The Healing Haven”.
And, rather than doing a weekly reading, it will be daily as I feel many of us process the messages better when the guidance is given step-by-step/ day-by-day.

Today starts a process of releasing old and welcoming new. Whatever that new is for you, don’t discredit it if it comes to you in a not so common way and try not to focus on the how or the where, just imagine all that you need coming to you as it should. With that being said; your daily guidance for today is; Answered Prayers –
All of your prayers are always answered. Sometimes you may not feel this way, because the answer comes in unexpected ways. Perhaps you receive an intuitive feeling, or a new opportunity appears — or a book falls off the shelf. The angels answer your prayers very often by giving us ideas or information in these everyday ways.
By drawing this card, the angels request that you be extra observant. Notice everything you hear, say, think, and feel. Be especially alert to help that comes to you, and be sure to accept this help. You DO deserve this assistance, and many times God enlists people to act as Earth angels who bring you answers to your prayers.

Love, light and blessings to you always. 💜

-Amber M. Royse

Angel Message for 1/11/2016-1/18/2016


Hi lovelies!
It’s Monday and time for another message from your angels.

This message comes in at the perfect time. With Mercury retrograde – there are bouts of miscommunication, misunderstandings and plenty to think about, reflect on and analyze.

So, this is what the angels have to say at this time.
With the first card – Retreat; You’re being guided to spend some quiet time alone. Retreat by finding that place you feel is your sanctuary. Clear your thoughts and focus on your truth and priorities.
It’s important to nourish yourself. Take time to reflect on your heart’s truest feelings and desires.

Following as it should; Meditation – Quiet minds are able to hear the voice of the angels clearly.
Your angels are asking you to sit for at least five minutes with your eyes closed while taking slow deep breaths. Ask your angels a question and comfortably, naturally listen for an answer just as you would a friend or family member.

Then follows the card Power –
You are powerful and divine creations. You have the ability to hear and see angels, and the future. The angels ask that you give them any fears you may have connected with being a powerful being. Allow your radiant power to shine. This power stems from love and truth.

So there you have it, lovelies. 💜
This week’s messages came through using “Healing with the angels” Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.
Have a beautiful week.
Love and light to you always.